: Alan Krimes

: 41

: Denver, PA

Current town
: Dover, PA

: Maxim

: Krimes Racing Engines

Car Owner
: Alan Krimes

Crew Chief
: Brandon Boyce

Crew: Mike Donnelly, Ronnie Simmons, Chad Lloyd

Alan Krimes has a rich history in open wheeled racing. After growing up the son of former sprint car driver, Larry Krimes, Alan was ready to get behind the wheel at the age of 16. His experience started in the 270 micro sprints for the first 4 years of his racing career followed by 6 years in the 358 sprint car division where he gained his first of many career wins.

Next he made the move into the most popular Central PA division, the 410 sprint cars, in 2006. This is where Krimes has experienced the most success. His talent has allowed him to rack up a substantial number of wins over multiple tracks including Lincoln Speedway where he holds 21 wins to date in addition to a pair of championships in 2014 and 2016. That puts him at an impressive 16th place on the all time win list at the track. Some of Krimes’ biggest wins have come during Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek, including the famed Mitch Smith Memorial at Williams Grove Speedway. He has done this despite the tight budget he works with, which is minimal in comparison to the budgets of his weekly competitors.

Alan scored 1 win early on in 2020 at Lincoln Speedway before the pandemic hit and finished 3rd in overall points at the track. Alan Krimes Racing is the definition of a family owned and operated team and experiences success while on a modest budget. To this day, the focus remains on success on the track, while maintaining a stellar reputation off the track. This is backed by achieving four sportsmanship awards throughout his career- a true testament to how well respected he is as a competitor.

270 Micro Sprints – 4 years
358 Limited Sprints – 6 years
410 Super Sprints – 15 years

2002 Lincoln Speedway Sportsmanship Award
2004 Lincoln Speedway Sportsmanship Award
2006 Lincoln Speedway 410 Rookie of the Year
2007 Lincoln Speedway Sportsmanship Award
2008 Williams Grove Speedway Sportsmanship Award

Racing Stats

Year Races Wins Podiums
2020 26 1 1
2019 38 2 8
2018 34 0 5
2017 49 0 4
2016 54 2 13
2015 51 2 6
2014 54 2 10
2013 57 5 14
2012 68 2 5
2011 53 2 6
2010 27 0 1